What is Sculpto?

Sculpto+ is a compact and modern 3D printer that makes 3D printing very easy!
With a Sculpto+ 3D printer, you can print directly from your smartphone or tablet.
Your imagination is the limit!

  1. Connect your Sculpto+ 3D printer to your Wi-Fi
  2. Download the “Sculpto” app on your smartphone or tablet
  3. Log in and start printing

In the app, you can choose from hundreds of different 3D models or you can create and design your own models in the 3D modelling program of your choise – we support almost every program.
Then you choose if you want to print in low, normal or high quality. The Sculpto+ takes care of the rest! Read more about the Sculpto+ 3D printer here

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The Sculpto app

This is how the Sculpto app works

When the Sculpto 3D printer is connected to your local Wi-Fi, the Sculpto app takes over. The app is your remote control to the printer and from here you can browse between hundreds of different 3D models, follow the status of the printer and start your prints. You can download the Sculpto app on Google Play and in App Store.

Advantages of the app:

  • Wireless control of the printer
  • One-click-printing
  • Printing from different devices


You can 3D print all this:

… and MUCH more!

The Sculpto+ 3D printer

Buy it here!

The Sculpto+ is 100 % Wi-Fi controlled and is easily operated from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Our solution secures a stable and very high print quality in order for you to focus on printing your ideas! Never before has 3D printing been this accessible.

Delivery: 1 – 5 weekdays

Download the Sculpto app, plug in the Sculpto 3D printer, connect it to your Wi-Fi and you’re ready for 3D printing!

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