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Introducing Sculpto PRO2

Meet your new favorite way to do projects. The Sculpto 3D Printer will change how you do DIY projects forever. Designing and printing models makes Sculpto the ultimate creative tool.


It's time to start creating

100.000 projects are waiting right in our app

Innovative technology

No hassle. It's all wireless.

Forget about wires, USB and SD cards. Sculpto is connected through wifi as a standard, unlike most other 3D printers. Setup is easy - Type in your printer's serial number in the app, and Sculpto will automatically ask to connect to your wifi. It's that simple.

100% carbon neutral

25 colorful options

Print your projects in stunning colors. Matt, glitter, gloss - Pick your favorites. Sculpto PLA filament is biodegradable and 100% carbon neutral. It is made from corn, but it's strong and durable. It's a truely innovative material to work with.

It starts with

The Sculpto app

When your Sculpto 3D printer is connected to your local Wi-Fi, the Sculpto App takes over. The app is your remote control to the printer and from there you can browse between 100.000 different 3D models, follow the status of the printer and start your prints.

Advantages of the app:

  • Print projects directly from the app
  • Wireless control of the printer
  • One-click-printing
Venture into 3D modelling

Move beyond our app

There's a world of creative making waiting for you. Getting started with 3D modelling is easier than you think. For beginners we recommend using Tinkercad. 3D modelling is the ultimate way to create unique and custom projects with your Sculpto PRO2 3D printer.

Video guide

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Simple. Professionel.

Full features

  • Print directly from your phone, tablet or pc. Finding and printing 3D models has never been this easy. Just download our app, and you're ready to go.
  • 100.000 free projects and counting. You will never run out of projects. More are added every day. Best of all, there is a project for everyone, and any occasion. Get inspired by visiting our projects page.
  • Upload your own designs. You can create your very own 3D model projects or upload projects you find elsewhere on the internet or get from friends.
  • Easy to use and setup. And when we say easy, we really mean it.
  • Built in model editor. Edit projects right within our app. Change the size, duplicate and rotate models directly in our app. Simple, yet powerful.
  • Wirelessly connected. Sculpto is connected to your wifi, like any other smart device you own. Forget about needing to transfer projects through USB or wires. It all works magically through the cloud.
  • Large printing volume. An impressive printing volume, especially considering how compact the Sculpto PRO2 is. Print items the size of a football.
  • Very quiet and close to soundless. Believe it or not, most 3D printers make a lot of noice. Innovative technology makes Sculpto an almost soundless machine at only 45 dB.
  • Environmentally friendly. The Sculpto PRO2 uses a biodegradable material to print with known as PLA, which is created from corn. It's 100% carbon neautral, so you can create projects with good conscience.

The specifications

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Sculpto PRO2 3D Printer • Buildplate PRO • Filament sample • User guides • Power supply

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