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Create. Design. Print.

A revolutionary product that will change craft projects forever.

  • Family Safe

    Non-heated printing plate

  • Easy to use

    It's so user friendly

  • Large printing area

    Print up to 7.8"x7.8"x7.8"

  • Eco-friendly prints

    100% carbon neutral

simple machine, powerfull features

Meet the Sculpto 3D Printer

Sculpto is designed to make 3D printing as easy as 1-2-3. It'a a whole new way to create craft projects. With a Sculpto 3D printer, you can print directly from your smartphone or tablet. The only limitation is your imagination.

Create with conscience. Sculpto prints using a biodegradeable material, called PLA. It is derrived from corn and sugar beets. Sculpto PLA filament is 100 percent carbon neutral.

Sculpto PRO2 is intuitive and easy to use

Good value purchase, and affordable in use

Print projects directly from your phone, tablet or pc

It's simply mesmerizing

This is how Sculpto works

Step 1

Browse the app

Explore the Sculpto app, and select a project to print. Find projects by categories, view the most popular projects or use the search function.

Step 2

Your project comes alive

It's exciting to watch, as the Sculpto PRO2 prints your selected project from biodegradable PLA material. Now that's environmentally friendly.

Step 3

It's done. Or keep crafting.

Once your project has printed, just pick it off the printing plate. Now the choice is yours. Leave the print as it is, or paint it and add your own touches.

All of the ideas in your mind and

100.000 projects right at your fingertip

Cookie cutters

Cookie cutters for any occasion. Browse hundreds of pre-made cookie cutters or design your own.

game of connect four

Print an entire game of Connect Four, and add your own unique personal touches.

Self-watering planter

Add a smart touch to your decor. Browse hundreds of self-watering planters and pick your favorite.

creative Plant pots

Pots in any shape, size and color. It can be hard to find the perfect fitting pot in store. Not anymore.

a bathroom like no else

It's time to impress your guests with bathroom decor, they have never seen before.

Organize your life

There are many ways to make life easier. Find and print organizers for almost anything in your house.

Discover 3D modelling

Or get super creative

The Sculpto app with its 100.000 projects, is not the limit. The Sculpto PRO2 3D printer supports almost all 3D modelling software out there. 3D modelling: Sounds hard doesn't it?

Getting started designing and printing your own 3D Prints is easier than you would think. Get started with making your own unique DIY projects today.

It starts with

The Sculpto app

When your Sculpto 3D printer is connected to your local Wi-Fi, the Sculpto App takes over. The app is your remote control to the printer and from there you can browse between 100.000 different 3D models, follow the status of the printer and start your prints.

Advantages of the app:

  • Print projects directly from the app
  • Wireless control of the printer
  • One-click-printing
the ultimate creative tool

A project for the whole family

It's the ultimate family machine. There is a project for every member of the family. Toys for kids, tech accessories for teens and so much more.

It's that simple

Works on all your devices

Print projects from your preferred internet connected device. Use your smartphone, tablet or computer to print. It just works.

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