Billig 3D Printer fra Sculpto! 3D Print direkte fra din smartphone eller tablet! Salg af 3D filament, højeste kvalitet, laveste pris.

Sculpto ApS

Sculpto was founded in the year 2015 when the entrepreneurs, Simon Breum Fisker and Jacob Lindeberg, became aware of the 3D print technology. Simon and Jacob immediately saw the potential of this technology and it didn’t take long before they reached to the conclusion that everyone should have access to it!

Though, they quickly realized, the reason why not everyone has a 3D printer at their disposal was, that a 3D printer was quite expensive, complicated to use, big and time demanding. Because of that, Simon and Jacob teamed up with some of the best 3D printing nerds and software developers in order to build a concept that would make 3D printing much more accessible.

Instead of 3D printers being big squares weighing more than 10 kg, they decided to design a 3D printer that was much more simplistic in its construction. They did so by rethinking the traditional design of a 3D printer. This led to an incredibly simple and stable design which makes the Sculpto 3D printer one of the most compact and mobile 3D printers on the market and with a weight of only 2,7 kg and the possibility of printing objects that are the size of a football, 3D printing has suddenly become much more accessible.

Something else that needed to be changed, in Simon’s and Jacob’s opinion, was the software. The process of finding or designing a model demanded expert knowledge and was very complicated. Sculpto has changed all that by automating the processes in the “cloud” and making the printer 100% wireless, making it possible to print directly and with only one click on your smartphone or tablet.

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