Inspiration for 3D printed Christmas ornaments

‘Tis the season to get 3D printing! 2020 is finally wrapping up and the jolly month of December is approaching. A great time to get crafty with your own 3D printed holiday decorations.

The holidays are all about getting cozy together, eating good food, and the sparkling holiday décor. It’s the time of giving and therefore we want to give you a little something – some of our favorite ideas for 3D printed Christmas ornaments.

Christmas Ornaments

3D printed Christmas ornament

The possibilities within this category are pretty much endless. 3D printed Christmas ornaments also give lots of options to personalize the finished item by spray painting or glittering up the design after printing. Lots of designs are already shared on platforms as Thingiverse and accessible to print. If you wish to be creative but not start from scratch, we recommend downloading an ornament STL-file and then add to it in your own 3D software. You can then adjust the design to fit your personal esthetic. Get creative with this year’s Christmas tree and add your own touch of holiday spirit by 3D printing your own décor.

Designing your own ornaments can range greatly in levels of complexity, but to be fair, ornaments don’t have to be a certain shape or design and almost anything goes! Our main tips for ornaments are: 1) Remember to include a loop where you can place the string afterwards, 2) Keep the ornaments weight and size in mind before printing, 3) If the ornaments isn’t perfect or you have limited filament colors – spray paint to the rescue! Shimmer and glitter can cover a lot and also fit the holiday vibe.

Cookie Cutters

3D printed Christmas cookie cutter
Source: OogiMe on Thingiverse

As we know, cookies and baking go hand in hand with the holidays. A sweet cookie smelling home is always a great way to awaken the holiday spirit. We love to eat them, and they might as well look good right?

OogieMe on Thingiverse has shared these jolly Christmas bells and trees as well as many other cookie-cutter designs, that will definitely make you even prouder to share your cookies this holiday season.

A quick tip: When using the Sculpto web app with your Sculpto printer, you can easily scale the STL-files bigger for even bigger cookies.

Gift Tags

3d printed Christmas gif tag

Another idea for 3D printing during this Christmas is personalized gift tags. It might actually be a gift tag that they want to keep since it’s actually personal and has their name printed in the design.

Silhouette101 has provided a thorough tutorial that can inspire you to assemble an even more personal gift – even from the very gift tag. We would also recommend you also take the extra step to either paint or spray paint the printed tag for a finished look.

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