New feature: Multiple users, one printer

Users/Printers – Many to Many Relationship Documentation

Since release 3.1, a new function called “My Printers” was introduced. It is available both in Printer and Profile section. It allows the users to manage the printers they own, as well as to connect to new printers owned by other users and check the different printers they are connected to. The new view is divided in two tabs, “Owned by Me” and “I’ve been invited to”. The first one contains all the printers the user has associated to his account. The second one shows all the printers some other owners invited to use as you can see in the following pictures:

Adding Users

You can add users to your printer so they can use most of its functionalities (printing models, changing filament, calibrating). For now, the only restricted function is the Wi-Fi connection change. In order to add a new user, you must press the settings button (the cog in the right side of the printer you want to add the user). Then you just enter the username and confirm it. If you entered a correct username it will add it to your printer, and you will see it at the end of the list of users. You can always remove a user you added by pressing the remove button in his/her info card.

Setting your printer for unattended access

Besides manually inviting users, you can allow any person to connect to your printer by entering the serial number and a password that you set. By default, this option is deactivated, but you can just turn it on by clicking the switch under your printer title. Once you click it, the app is going to prompt you a question about if you want to have a password. Normally we recommend setting a secure password so only people you share the credentials with can access, but you can always set it to free access. If you press “Yes” the app is going to ask you to access a password, which is key sensitive. For facilitating you the input of the password, we didn’t hide the field, although password is going to be completely safe and encrypted once you entered it. Once you finished you should see a green text indicating that your connection is password protected. You can only change the password. In case you want it to open it and let users to connect without a password, just change the password and enter an empty value. In this case you will see a red text indicating your password is not protected.

Connecting to another user’s printer:

If another user provides you with credentials to connect to his/her printer, you can do it following these steps: Press the button that says “Connect to a printer entering serial number and password”. You will be prompted with a dialog in which you have to access both fields. In the case of a printer without a password, just leave that field blank. Once you confirm it you will either see an error message indicating the credentials were wrong or the new connection confirmed.