Sculpto Stainless Steel Powergrip Filamentgear


The Sculpto Stainless Steel Powergrip filamentgear is a custom-made filamentgear designed for all Sculpto 3D printers.

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Sculpto Powergrip Filament Gear is a specially developed filament gear that is designed to work with the Sculpto 3D printer series (sold separately). This gear ensures a strong grip in the filament and great prints every time. Powergrip Filament gear is standard on any new Sculpto 3D printer, but can also be installed on previous versions. It´s the most superior filament gear for your Sculpto 3D Printer.

  • Compatible with Sculpto 3D printers
  • Specially developed to ensure a strong grip
  • Supports great prints every time
  • Use as replacement and install on earlier Sculpto 3D printers not equipped with the Powergrip Filament Gear