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We have redesigned the traditional 3D printer with the purpose of making 3D printing much more accessible and user-friendly.

The Sculpto 3D printer prints on a rotating buildplate, unlike traditional 3D printers, that oftentimes print in right angles on a non-moving buildplate. This makes Sculpto a very efficient 3D printer.

It also helps to make the Sculpto 3D printer more compact than other 3D printers. With a Sculpto 3D printer, you are able to print objects with the size of a football in diameter and an iPhone 6 Plus in height, despite of the fact that the printer is only 23% bigger than its print area.

Last but not least, the printer is very mobile and can easily be moved from one room to another. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about the calibration – our design secures very little calibration.

You simply log into the Sculpto app from your smartphone, tablet or computer. In the app you can browse between a large selection of 3D models or you can design your own models in the 3D modelling program of your choice and print these models on your Sculpto 3D printer.

The printer comes with the following:

– 1 roll black filament (0,5 kg)
– 1 power supply
– 1 flexible buildplate

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Use the tabs above to see specifications, size and weight. Or try to find answers to your questions in the FAQ below:

The Sculpto app is free!

If you want to design your own 3D models, you can find a lot of free 3D modelling programs on the internet.


You can find a lot of different free 3D modelling programs that are easy to use. The Sculpto 3D printer supports most of them – all it takes is for the program being able to export STL files (in other words, files in the file format .stl).

We have tested a bunch of programs that we recommend to beginners and people with little 3D printing experience:


Google Sketchup

Autodesk 123D

On our Facebook-page you can se some of the things that we have printed in 3D and get inspired!

You can also see the 3D models that are a part of the Sculpto app – you can download the app on Google Play and in App Store.

Or get creative by designing your very own models in e.g. a 3D modelling program.

You can only print in one color at a time on this type of printer. If you wish to print an object in multiple colors, we recommend to divide the object in several smaller parts and print one part at a time in the color of your choice.
Besides that, it’s also possible for you to apply paint to your 3D prints.

The 3D printer pulls a biodegradable plastic material – in the shape of a more than 100 metre long cord – into a hot metal nozzle that melts the plastic material. The nozzle and the surface on which the printer is printing subsequently move in the pattern that you wish to print. This process is repeated layer by layer while the distance of the nozzle to the surface is increased. In this way, the object you want to print is also shaped upwards.

On a Sculpto 3D printer, the metal nozzle is located on a moveable arm whilst the printing surface is rotating circularly beneath the nozzle.

The Sculpto 3D printer uses a biodegradable plastic material called PLA which is made of sugar beets and corn. It’s not toxic and no harmful fumes are released when printing. The PLA is delivered on rolls (called filament) of either 0,5 or 1 kg and you can order it from Sculpto’s webshop.

It exists in various different colors and we are continuously adding new variations to the webshop – see the current selection here

People oftentimes get pleasantly surprised by the price of 3D printing. Mainly, there are two types of costs involved with 3D printing:

1) The printing material: You print using filament that you buy in rolls of 0.5 or 1 kg. In order to save material and time, your 3D prints will never be printed 100 % massive. Instead, the Sculpto 3D printer will print a grid in the solid parts of your models. This grid maintains the strength of the object and saves material. You can adjust the strength by increasing or decreasing the density of the grid.

In other words, it’s the weight of your print object that decides the price. The weight is shown to you before you start the print. The suggested retail price of 1 kg Sculpto filament is 250 DKK. Based on that price, here are a few examples of the cost of 3D printing:

Table-tennis ball: 1,25 DKK
Tennis ball: 3,25 DKK

2) Power: The power consumption of a Sculpto 3D printer is roughly the same as the power consumption of a typical laptop.


Consumables Biodegradable PLA, 1,75 mm
Print volume 5 litres (5026 cm³)
Print area 200 mm (diameter) x 160 mm (height)
Layer height 0,15 mm – 0,4 mm

Size and weight

Footprint 420 cm²
Footprint in relation to print area 23 % larger
Weight 2,7 kg