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A Sculpto 3D Printer is a whole new way to create unique DIY projects. There are an endless amount of projects that can be started, it's almost overwhelming. Here are just some of the few projects you can jump into.

If you need even more inspiration for your next DIY adventure, jump into the Sculpto app. Browse categories, search for models and view the most popular.

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Home decor
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Craft with @damasklove

The talented Amber from the crafts and DIY blog Damask Love, has created the perfect guide on how you can use the Sculpto 3D Printer to create your custom holiday decor.

Paint, glue and spray.

A printed canvas

Add your own personal touches to your printed projects. PLA material can be painted, glued on and so many more things. It's your own canvas, to do as you like with. Once a project is printed, you decide whether it's done, or not.

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From DIY to PRo

Professionally, made.

The poster and art company Flamboyant Studio has utilized the Sculpto 3D Printer in their lastest art collection. Printing, spray painting and decorating 9 uniquely created balloon dog sculptures. Sculpto can both be a fun DIY tool, and a serious creative machine.