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 Information about Sculpto


The Sculpto 3D printer is ideal for schools and there are numerous of reasons why schools should invest in one or more Sculpto 3D printers. Firstly, the printer is because of its weight and design very mobile and can easily be moved from one classroom to another.

Secondly, the printer is very easy to use. After just a few clicks in the Sculpto app, you can start a print. This means that everyone – adults as well as children – with very little previous experience with 3D printing in a matter of minutes is able to 3D print.

This makes it possible for the students to use the printer themselves (almost) without the assistance of a teacher. Thereby giving them the opportunity to work with different aspects of the learning process, not just in a theoretical way, but with the assistance of the Sculpto 3D printer, also in a practical way. The motivating feeling of creating something themselves that the students get, is one of the basic ideas behind our company.

 The Sculpto 3D printer is ideal in class sets of 4-8 printers, that make it possible for the students to work in groups with their own 3D printer and challenge them in every step of the learning process.


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Advice for schools


  • If the school network requires a username and password in order for the students to login, it will only be the Pro version of the Sculpto printer that will be able to connect to the network. Feel free to contact us if you want further information about the Pro version
  • Multiple users of the same printer
    • Every printer has one unique user
    • It is possible for multiple students/teachers to be logged on simultaneously using the same unique user – if there’s a print in progress, the next print job(s) will simply be put in a print queue and can be started when the current print job is done.
    • When buying multiple printers, we recommend attaching the unique login information somewhere on the printer.
  • Sculpto will gladly assist you
    • If you have any questions about the printer or need some help, the Sculpto team is always more than happy to help. You can contact us by phone, e-mail or via Facebook.


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Teaching applications


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Arts and crafts:
An arts and crafts class is an obvious subject where a Sculpto 3D printer could come to good use. A 3D printer would give students the opportunity to design and print own models.


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Biology and geography:
Print bones and organs in 3D for further study. Make a model of a cell and print it in 3D. Design a landscape from the Ice Age and feel its many details with your hands.


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In maths, geometry could be made much more palpable with a Sculpto 3D printer. Students could print different geometric shapes and use them when learning about angles and scales.


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Use the Sculpto 3D printer to print different molecules in 3D and get a more concrete understanding of a subject that is oftentimes quite difficult to comprehend and appreciate.


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Go to your local area and take some pictures of the local church. Design it in 3D and display it together with some important information about the history of the church.


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The possibilities are almost endless. The students are able to think outside the box and afterwards use the 3D printer to realize a prototype of their idea.