How do I maintain the printer?

If you notice small flaws on the surface of your 3D prints or if the two steel axes of the printer look dry, we recommend applying a couple of drops of sewing-machine oil to the two steel axes (don’t use WD40 since it could damage the coating of the steel axes!).

You should apply PTFE oil to the threaded rod of the printer once every 6 months.

If you have a Buildtak Buildplate and then clean it with the blue glass cleaner when you experience the adhesion to the buidplate disappear. If you have a white buildplate from the Sculpto1 – the replace it with a Buildtak Buildplate.

Also, make sure to clean the surfaces on the printer with a moist cloth on regular basis – don’t forget to clean underneath the buildplate as well. Dirt and filament-leftovers can cause mechanical failures.

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