Is 3D printing expensive?

People oftentimes get pleasantly surprised by the price of 3D printing. Mainly, there are two types of costs involved with 3D printing:

1) The printing material: You print using filament that you buy in rolls of 0.5 or 1 kg. In order to save material and time, your 3D prints will never be printed 100 % massive. Instead, the Sculpto 3D printer will print a grid in the solid parts of your models. This grid maintains the strength of the object and saves material. You can adjust the strength by increasing or decreasing the density of the grid.

In other words, it’s the weight of your print object that decides the price. The weight is shown to you before you start the print. The suggested retail price of 1 kg Sculpto filament is 250 DKK. Based on that price, here are a few examples of the cost of 3D printing:

Table-tennis ball: 1,25 DKK
Tennis ball: 3,25 DKK

2) Power: The power consumption of a Sculpto 3D printer is roughly the same as the power consumption of a typical laptop.

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