My print has shifted. What do I do?

There are several possible reasons for shifting. Here is a list of the most common:

  • The Z axis is calibrated too close to or too far from the build-plate
  • Your build-plate is no longer even enough – either due to wear and tear or because of dirt between the magnets underneath the build-plate and the magnet holes on the base of the printer
  • You’re perhaps trying to print an object that isn’t designed for this type of 3D printer
  • Wrong choice of support when uploading your own .stl file

If none of the above answers seems to fix the issue then try to rotate or turn the model. Always try to rotate the model in a way where the model supports it self, so that you will need as little support-structure as possible. Example: If you are printing a glass then turn it with the bottom of the glass down towards the buildplate – then there will be needed no support-structure, where if you turn it upside down the printer will need to cover the bottom of the glass with support-structure, which will increase printing-time, material use and the chance of failure.

Are you experiencing that all your prints are failing no matter what you do then it might be a mechanical failure. Start to look for filament leftovers in the big white gear that rotates the buildplate. Afterward make a Y-calibration under advanced settings in the app. If none of this is helping – contact support.


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