The raft loosens from the buildplate during print. How do I fix that?

This type of problem could occur if the Z axis is calibrated too far away from the build-plate.

1) Therefore, try a manual calibration of the Z axis. You do this by visiting “Printer tools” in the Sculpto App (also watch the tutorial video about how to calibrate the Z axis. You find the tutorial under “How do I calibrate the Z axis?” above).

2) If you have a Buildtak Buildplate then we recommend to clean it with the blue ‘glass cleaner’ spray you use at home.

3) If your printer is placed in a place where the temperature is lower than 22 C or where there is a risk of drag from nearby windows or doors, then this can cause the raft to let go of the buildplate. Place your printer in a warmer room away from any drag.

4) Check if there is any dirt or filament-leftovers on the buildplate’s 3 mangets or in the pockets where you place the magnets of the buildplate. Remove dirt and filament-leftovers.