Which filament should I use for printing and where is it available?

We highly recommend that you use original Sculpto filament for your Sculpto 3D printer. This not only ensures the highest success rate, but is also top-quality biodegradable and non-toxic filament that results in solid and durable objects.

Furthermore, we can only sustain the warranty of your printer if you use original Sculpto filament, since we can’t otherwise give any guarantee for the service life of the printer!

You can buy the original Sculpto filament at a Sculpto retailer.

If you want to use different filament anyways, then you should activate “Expert Mode” so that you will be able to adjust the print-settings to the new filament otherwise you might experience bad printing quality, the raft will not separate from the object and the chance of the nozzle clocking will increase, which is not covered by the warranty when using unoriginal Sculpto filament.

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