10 actually useful 3D printing ideas
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10 actually useful 3D printing ideas

Yes, we know that 3D printing is pretty cool, but can it be useful too? Sure it can! Here is a list of awesome 3D printing ideas we have picked out for you. You can easily print any of these and use around the house, office, and more.

  • Are you tired of the constant mess in your car? Here is a handy solution for you – Car Seatback Trash Bag Hooks. These will allow you to simply hook on a plastic or any other bag and avoid the mess. This might come especially in handy if you have kids.
3D printed car seatback trash bag holder
Source: thingiverse.com
  • You can 3D print fun cookie cutters and surprise your family with delicious treats that also look amazing. You can make anything from the Batman logo for your kids to reindeer cutters for holiday-themed treats. Check out the prints here
3D printed cookie cutter
Source: thingiverse.com
  • This handy phone stand will make your desk look more organized and it also has a slot so you can charge your phone. Here is the link to the files you will need for the print. 
Phone stand 3D printed
Source: thingiverse.com
  • Nobody likes messy cables; therefore, we have a solution for you. Use this cool looking cable hive to organize all of them in one place. You can make this one into an art project and paint it in different colors to add a fun design element to your desk.
3D printed cable organizer
Source: thingiverse.com
  • If you are a plant lover this next idea is just for you! A wall mount flower pot that is super easy to print and assemble and will water your plant in a fun way.
3D printed wall mount flower pot
Source: thingiverse.com
  • You can print this Lego man that will hold your toilet paper and put smiles on your guests’ faces too. This project is going to be a bit more complex with 7 parts to fill, but the result certainly looks worth it!
Lego man toilet paper holder
Source: thingiverse.com
  • By this time you probably have figured out, that we like to order. So, here is another fantastic organizing idea, this time – for your pencils. It is a printable pencil holder that looks almost like magic. 
3D printed pencil holder
Source: thingiverse.com
  • This fun door stopper makes sure your doors stay open and entertains you’re your mice… if you have any of course.
3D printed door stopper cheese
Source: pinshape.com
  • This handy little thing will help you make sure you use every last bit of your toothpaste and it will also be a fun project with 3 different parts to print. Check the toothpaste tube squeezer here.
DIY toothpaste squeezer
Source: thingiverse. com
  • Print yourself a sleek and elegant headphone stand for your home office. You won’t ever have to wonder where your headphones went again. See and download the necessary files here.
Headphone holder 3D printed
Source: thingiverse. com

These are just some of our favorite 3D printing ideas but there are so much more you can find online. We recommend also: Thingiverse. com, pinshape.com, myminifactory.com

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