Sculpto Powergrip Filamentgear


The Sculpto Powergrip filamentgear is a custom-made filamentgear designed for the Sculpto, Sculpto+ and Sculpto+ PRO.

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This gear has a significantly better grip ability than the original Sculpto filament gear, which has several advantages:

1. If there is resistance in the ´feeding system´, e.g. due to a calibration too close to the plate or a roll of filament that is overturned or unable to roll properly, the gearing has significantly more traction.

2. The gear does not need to be cleaned.

3. The gear is more durable due to the large pointed teeth.

Overall, these benefits will help minimize the likelihood of ‘under-extrusion’ (when too little filament comes out of the printer) and thus help to create a more stable printing process.